So this is my online blog/journal From paper to the internet


So this is going to be my blog!

This blog I am going to vent, rant, cry, be many things! but this blog is going to be me and about me! I love writing! I am not good at it but I do love it! Every January I buy a journal or notebook or notepad so I can just write about anything and everything! I let myself show and just be me! There will be spelling mistakes and grammar issues and screw ups, again I said I am not good at writing! Isn’t that what having a blog is about? Letting people be themselves? To write what they want, what about, and to not give a fuck!

I do want to add there will be cursing in this blog, NSFW sometimes, lude and very detailed and graphic things. I will try my best to make it known that it is best to not read in public or at work!

Happy reading and hope you enjoy my writing and randomness that is going to transpire!